PictureFX v2.0


I am the developer of a series of scripts ( profiles ) and CLUTS for use in RawTherapee, I named PictureFX. PictureFX CLUTS helps to create personalized and artistic effects. PictureFX Profiles are for sharpening, denoising and other development actions in RawTherapee. Thanks to David Tschumperlé PictureFX CLUTS can also…

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SharpenFX – a free RawTherapee Profiles set as part of PictureFX


Having a set of HaldCLUTS to give our pictures a personal artistic touch is one thing, but in a normal workflow you probably want to do some basic picture enhancement to. This is where SharpenFX can help ( download below ). In IT/programming it is common to do and make…

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PictureFX, a free HaldCLUT set, style a la NIK Software


For the latest news about PictureFX, click here, or on the PictureFX link above in the Digicrea menu. Update 27 Jul 2016 : The original HaldCLUT film simulation set ( for RawTherapee, Gimp, GMIC,… and just over 400 MB ) is made by Pat David, and can be downloaded here http://blog.patdavid.net/2015/03/film-emulation-in-rawtherapee.html…

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RawTherapee HaldCLUT Creation

When it comes to developing pictures, all available software on the market has some kind of possibility to implement style automation or effects. And this is done by the use of presets ( Photoshop ), filters, plugins … Also RawTherapee has some way of implementing automation or effects. In RawTherapee…

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Simple Linux RawTherapee Script


On my computer with Xubuntu, RawTherapee didn’t start with ./rawtherapee that means it is not in the system path, but its easy enough to start it with the full path, so : /usr/bin/rawtherapee did the trick. You can try and see if it works on your computer in a terminal…

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