Blending with Gimp ( updated 28/11/2014 )

Found a nice tutorial about blending with Gimp.
It’s presented in an understandable manner and made easy to implement on your own pictures.
Keep in mind when reading, that blending can be done from top to bottom, but also the other way around – from left to right and visa versa.
It can also be used to lighten parts, instead of darken as presented in the video. If saved in between, you can combine any action you want.

To blend, you need to remember these 4 steps :
– duplicate layer ( make first layer inactive )
– 2e layer, adjust color levels ( contrast, brightness – darken or lighten)
– make first layer active again, add layer mask
– blend all or parts of image ( top, bottom, left, right )
At the end, merge layers, and if you like, you can start over darken or lighten an other part of the image.

In other words, you can also use this process to create real HDR images, combining bracketed pictures, and add different effects in one and the same picture.

This tutorial is from PhotoAdvanced :

Many thanks to Photo Advanced !

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