As part of Digicrea, i’m also starting a new blog about bushcraft.
Although I publish a lot of pictures of airplanes, cars and motorcycles, you could think they and photography are my only interest.
But actualy half of the time or more i’m spending on nature photography and the art of bushcrafting.
So I thought that it would deserve a place on the website.
The other reason is that I wanted to let you see that there is more than one way to experience bushcraft, I have seen bushcrafters on the web getting to pure and letting you think that their way is the only (good) way.
Other letting you think that a knife should cost € 150 or more to be a good knife – that also is not tru.
So you will find a new tab on top, right of the classic camera project.
From mid october I will try to fill in the subtabs with hopefully interesting bushcraft stuff, my own gear and experience with it, and a blog about bushcraft events and adventures.

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