Classic Camera Project – Minolta AL-F


A few weeks ago I bought a good looking Minolta AL-F at a flea market.
At first sight, everything was still working, the shutter is of the type 2109-151010-PENTAX_K200D--01 (2)Seikosha, so no problems with translucent or malfunctioning curtains .
Back home I established the batteries had leaked.
Cleaning the battery holder, also revealed a disconnected electric wire from the battery holder.
After this being fixed the lightmeter still not worked. Then the electrical wiring proved to be completely rotten – ok, rewiring then. 2109-121048-PENTAX_K200D--01After that the light cell didn’t function anymore. Also this could be fixed – I had a few cells from a Pentax SP 1000 who were useful I thought.In the end, the Pentax cell was installed perfectly, but also defective.Ok, I did not have many options left, though …Sunny 16 was a possibility, but this camera had shutter priority ! – so the aperture is set automatically by the light meter.2109-114933-PENTAX_K200D--01That turned out to be solved with a few drops of super glue – I had the aperture stuck on F16 -. A good starting point for a Sunny 16 camera I thought .Still have to replace the light seals now, and hopefully make a nice set of pictures with this camera.



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