Classic Camera Project – Minolta AL-F


A few weeks ago I bought a good looking Minolta AL-F at a flea market.
At first sight, everything was still working, the shutter is of the type 2109-151010-PENTAX_K200D--01 (2)Seikosha, so no problems with translucent or malfunctioning curtains .
Back home I established the batteries had leaked.
Cleaning the battery holder, also revealed a disconnected electric wire from the battery holder.
After this being fixed the lightmeter still not worked. Then the electrical wiring proved to be completely rotten – ok, rewiring then. 2109-121048-PENTAX_K200D--01After that the light cell didn’t function anymore. Also this could be fixed – I had a few cells from a Pentax SP 1000 who were useful I thought.In the end, the Pentax cell was installed perfectly, but also defective.Ok, I did not have many options left, though …Sunny 16 was a possibility, but this camera had shutter priority ! – so the aperture is set automatically by the light meter.2109-114933-PENTAX_K200D--01That turned out to be solved with a few drops of super glue – I had the aperture stuck on F16 -. A good starting point for a Sunny 16 camera I thought .Still have to replace the light seals now, and hopefully make a nice set of pictures with this camera.




  1. Hey, could you tell me how to disassemble the silver top off the camera? I have the same one and I want to clean it, however I cant find all the screws (shutter button maybe) that hold the top cover.

    All the best!

    • Hello Sam,
      It has been a few years ago with this camera, so i don’t remember exactly how for this one, however, most camera’s come apart the same way.
      First remove all visible screws.
      In many cases the rewind lever can be removed by turning anti clockwise while holding the film reel – be very careful not to damage it !
      The transport lever can be removed by removing the round metal plate on top of the lever, it has two small holes on oposite sides. If you don’t have the proper pliers, you can use a normal but sharp pointed plier instead, you can also find these tools very cheap on Ebay – look for camera repair kit, lens repair kit, spanner wrench …
      I hope this gets you on the way.
      Thanks for visiting my site and have fun with the camera !

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