Classic Camera Project – The Nikon F50

Looking back at an article from my old blog.

I have tested a few camera types and brands already, and ( shamed to say as Pentax lover ) the brand that attracted me the most was Nikon.
Having a few camera’s from the F series, I kind of liked the Nikon F50. Even thinking about of keeping one for myself – I have 3 pcs 🙂 , two black and one champagne.

The F50 is a 35mm SLR introduced in 1994,
and as they say, a lower end amateur AF camera.
But if you remember my previous article on classic camera’s,
you should remembered that a camera is just a hull containing film – and that the lens stands for better images, but the photographer makes the picture.
So, In my book there are no ( or not many ) amateur camera’s, only amateur photographers 🙂

The Nikon F50 has everything you need as a photographer.
It can take pictures fully automatic – great for street photography !
The available programs are : General-Purpose ( auto ), Landscape, Portrait, Close-up, Sport, Silhouette,Night Scene and Motion Effect Program.
And it also has aperture priority, shutter priority and full manual possibility.
So this camera can do everything a better or advanced amateur, and even a professional photographer wants.

It’s relatively small and light, but big enough to have a good grip.

Build in AF motor ( I like that – same as with Pentax ) takes AF and AF-D Nikkor lenses, but also AI and AF-I in manual focus, and G, VR lenses.
No DX lenses because this camera is full frame.
Yes, also this is a good thing, these old AF and AF-D lenses are cheap, and fit perfectly on some digital full frame camera’s like the D600/610, and other Nikon camera’s with build in AF motor.
Pictures taken with this camera and a cheap AF Nikkor 35/80 mm F5-5.6 D can be absolutely beautiful.

Lens compatibility :

Operating modes:

below : on/off switch

up : advanced/simple switch

programs in simple modus ( General-Purpose ( auto ), Landscape, Portrait, Close-up )

settings in advanced modus ( P=program S = shutter priority A = aperture priority and M = manual )

programs in advanced modus ( General-Purpose ( auto ), Landscape, Portrait, Close-up, Sport, Silhouette,Night Scene and Motion Effect Program )

shutter priority ( button above arrow – up/down )

aperture priority ( button above arrow – up/down)

manual mode ( buttons above shutter and aperture – up/down )

far right button of screen = timer
far left button above screen = program options button

switch for manual or auto focus

automatic film loading system ( pull film above the red dot )

battery ( 6V lithium battery pack : Varta 2CR5 or Duracell DL245 )

Conclusion :
Good and solid all round 35mm AF camera.
Easy to use in auto modus, and making comprehensive ( manual ) pictures is possible.
Built in flash.
Battery is not cheap (+- €15 ), but you can take 80 to 100 films with it.
Easy maintenance.

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