Fusion Technology ?

Let’s talk about fusion technology.
No, not nuclear fusion, but photo-digital fusion.
There is a nifty tool called “Enfuse”.
This is what I found about it @ http://wiki.panotools.org/Enfuse
quote : “Enfuse is a command-line program used to merge different exposures of the same scene to produce an image that looks very much like a tonemapped image (without the halos) but requires no creation of an HDR image. Therefore it is much simpler to use and allows the creation of very large multiple exposure panoramas”
Seb Perez-Duarte @ https://www.flickr.com/photos/sbprzd/2125768589/ wrote the following : quote “If you want realistic looking HDR without that tonemapped-to-death effect” — and it goes on …
Well, what the “tonemapped-to-death” concerns, I know what they mean, but that is just what I like 🙂  (I like his picture to btw!)
Ok, but reading about it, I realized Enfuse is something i can use and do fun things with it.
And when I say fun, why only use exposures of the same scene ?
If this tool “fuse’s together” it should also work with different pictures.
But first, to start I made a simple batch file, so you don’t need to type complicated code’s and picture file names to get something cooking !
Download locations : scroll to the end, or go to my downloads.

If you want more fun ! and like to play with simple programming and batch file’s, please read further :
Enfuse runs with the simple “enfuse.exe” command.
It needs to know where to find picture input, what file type ( jpeg, tiff ) and maybe some parameters.
To find out wich parameters you can use, run a batch file with folowing text :
enfuse.exe –help
To get a text file from it that u can save somewhere, make a batch like this :
enfuse.exe –help >help.txt
Then it creates a text file “help.txt” with all usable parameters.

For this time, I like to keep it simple, and I used basic parameters and created the next batch file :
enfuse.exe *.jpg *.tif enfuse_additional_parameters= –wExposure=1 –wSaturation=1 –wContrast=1
The “*.jpg *.tif” ensures the batch file to take all jpeg and tif pictures.
And I used maximum exposure, saturation and contrast for the new picture to create.
Lets see how it works:

Just remember to keep all files in one folder, like i did above, and it should work perfectly.

Download Enfuse with its dll and the batch file used above.

Next step is to “Fuse” different pictures together, see you next time …

Featured image from http://www.eteknix.com/national-ignition-facility-passes-milestone-creating-stable-nuclear-fusion/

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