G’MIC and the Free Online Analog Film Emulator

I Photograph for a very long time now,
don’t exacly remember when I started, but I think it was around my twelfth year, in 1973.
What I do remember is that I quickly liked certain types of film.
In my case, Ilford FP4 and HP5 for Black and White,
and Fuji Chrome R100 for slides, Fuji Color C200 for prints.
All photographers from the analog era will shurely remember there favorit film and its typical B&W or Color toning,
and with G’MIC or Film Emulator you can bring back that same feeling and toning, but then simulated.

Many of you will already know G’MIC as a plugin for Gimp,
but it is also accessible from command line,
and available in a online edition.
Read more about it at http://gmic.eu/


Film Emulator is purely what the name says,
however, the film emulation look up tables contain a lot more than only film types !
Very clear interface, easy to use,
always and everywhere available ( if connected to internet )
and same as G’MIC online, accessible thru multiple browsers, operating systems and appliances ( Chrome, Firefox, Windows, Android, Tablet, Phone, Laptop,…)
More at https://29a.ch/film-emulator/

Tip : also take a look at https://29a.ch/experiments , especially https://29a.ch/sandbox/2011/neonflames/ totally awesome !

Thanks to Pat David, for his enormous film emulation collection.

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