PictureFX, a free HaldCLUT set, style a la NIK Software

For the latest news about PictureFX, click here, or on the PictureFX link above in the Digicrea menu.

Update 27 Jul 2016 : The original HaldCLUT film simulation set ( for RawTherapee, Gimp, GMIC,… and just over 400 MB ) is made by Pat David, and can be downloaded here http://blog.patdavid.net/2015/03/film-emulation-in-rawtherapee.html and here – Sorry if i caused any misunderstanding !

The set here mentioned is a small set ( about 80 MB ) that I gave the name PictureFX.

A completely free HaldCLUT set, style a la NIK Software ( download below )
Well, maybe not as great as the original NIK set 🙂
but its a start, and certainly a great idea to create your own HaldCLUTS and make it more complete and personalized.
And with my earlier article “RawTherapee HaldCLUT Creation” you have everything to get started.

The free set consists out of a main folder PictureFX,
and three sub folders : AnalogFX ( as the name says ), ZilverFX ( black and white ) and GoldFX ( color ), with a total of nine HaldCLUT’s.

The effects can be very diverse on different kind of pictures,
and you may have to fine tune the final outcome,
but that is also with Adobe presets or NIK software.

A few examples and how to :

After downloading the new HaldCLUT set,
unzip the compressed file in your HaldCLUT folder.
Restart RawTherapee – or just start it when it was clossed – and the folder should turn up in the Film Simulation menu.

Then load a picture and apply a neutral profile ( always better as starting point )


Open the Film Simulation menu under the Color tab, the new PictureFX menu should apear


At this point, the PictureFX menu consists of three submenu’s,
AnalogFX, ZilverFX and GoldFX





A few examples :

The AnalogFX-Anno-1870-Color HaldCLUT :


The ZilverFX-Vintage-B&W HaldCLUT:


The GoldFX-Summer-Heat HaldCLUT :


Download is 81MB ! ( click on the picture ) :



  1. Hello Marc,
    I’m the creator of G’MIC, and I would be interested in adding those CLUTs in the ‘Film emulation/’ section of the G’MIC plug-in for GIMP. Am I allowed to do that ? How are your CLUT files licensed ? I didn’t see any license file in your ZIP archive.
    Could you send me an e-mail to discuss about this ? Thanks by advance.

  2. Hello Marc,

    Nice work! I’m the author of an online analog film emulation tool ( https://29a.ch/film-emulator/ ). I’d be interested in including your CLUTs if you are ok with that.


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