Making pictures on a rainy day – or how to get an interesting picture on a rainy day.

Even thru a window when its raining, it’s possible to shoot something to have fun with.
Following two pictures are not that great on themselves,
but fused together, and converted to HDR, they make a whole new interesting picture.
Both pictures are taken out of hand – no tripod !
The first, “raindrops”, is focused on the glass and the raindrops, but also in the same direction as the second one “landscape”.


Then, “landscape”, is focused on the church tower in the far distance.

Both where then loaded into Enfuse.
I used the Digikam-Kipi plugin “Exposure Blending”.
Settings : Levels 15 – Exposure 1 – Saturation 1 – Contrast 1 – Hard Mask – Color Appearance Modelling.
This picture is named “Fusion”

Afterwards I loaded the fused picture in Luminance HDR with following settings : pregamma_0.75_mantiuk06_contrast_mapping_0.9_saturation_factor_1.5_detail_factor_20
A few adjustments later in RawTherapee ( levels ) and Gimp ( watermark ), and here’s the final picture :

Fusion HDR


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