Pentax Weather Sealing

Winter ( cold and rain ) is coming to an end here in Belgium,
and, even having a weather sealed camera, it’s never pleasant to go out when its cold and rainy.
Speaking of Pentax weather sealing,

yesterday I made some pictures at Oesterdam Holland,
the wind was very strong, sand and water drops where blowing everywhere.
These are moments you are glad to have a Pentax !
More in particular, the Pentax K3 in combination with the Pentax 18-135mm WR lens,
a powerfull and safe combination for all weather conditions.

Kite surfing

More of these are to come on Flickr :

Today i googled a bit on pentax weather sealed cameras,
i was stunned to see how many articles there are about one of Pentax most special characteristics, Weather Sealing.
Here are some of them:

More ? try “pentax vs the elements” on YouTube

Ever seen this with ( even entry level ) camera’s like Canon, Nikon ? … any other ? didn’t think so.

Pentax, What Else ?

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