RawTherapee as part of a workflow – picture management and processing II

Many photographers ask me why I still use the command line to develop images.
I have to admit, while running a modern operating system like Windows 7, 8 or even 10, the use
of the command line can look like something from the stone age.
Yet, command line and scripts are still extensively used in the IT world.
In many cases, because it is difficult or impossible to perform complex tasks through a graphical interface or GUI.

For us photographers, although we can also perform complex developing tasks thru scripts and
command line, maybe the biggest gain is memory (RAM) and processing power (CPU).
In the case of RawTherapee, a lot of memory and CPU is used to : startup the program ( GUI ),
load images into its browser, and then you have not yet started working on a picture !
It does not matter if you have a basic or a super computer, with command line and scripts your
computer gets faster, and thus you will save time !

In many cases, you also know exactly what you want to do,
you know the name of your picture file,
you know what options you may want to apply,
and you know what output format you need for further editing.
So why start the whole RT application, if you can do this with a so to speak, press of the button.
To do this, you can work with pre-defined batch scripts.

The 6e of November 2014, I had a project called RawBat v1.0,
where I explained a batch script that could execute 9 different commands.
Today where picking up this article, and start over writing simple batch scripts,
to simplify your workflow.

Because there are only a limited number of commands in Rawtherapee, you need to make use of profiles ( pp3 ) to do some advanced editing.
You can interpret these profiles also as pre-defined scripts.
And thus you can write these “profiles” yourself.

Next step is writing your first script.
To be continued


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