RawTherapee as part of a workflow – Scripts and Command line III

In this part of “RawTherapee as part of a workflow”, we are going to make custom profiles.
The easiest way to do that is to create one first in RT.
Open a picture and use the “auto levels” button.
Save this profile in the profile folder with filename : auto levels.pp3
Then, open this file with notepad or notepad++
Search for [Exposure]
Wipe everything but :
Save this.
Done, you now have made your first profile.
By using adjustments and changing settings in RawTherapee, and saving that profile, you can easily find the codes you need to write your own custom profiles.
Lost me ?
Here are the steps taken in pictures :

Load any RAW picture in RawTherapee :


Press the “Auto Levels” button and click the “Save current profile” icon – it’s the disk with arrow icon, third from the right, at the top from the tag “Processing Profiles” – ( this may differ depending on chosen theme ).


Change file name to auto_levels.pp3 or something appropriate, and save in the profiles folder :


Open Windows explorer, and navigate to the RawTherapee profiles folder, then open the auto_levels.pp3 file with notepad :


Scroll down to [Exposure], and copy the two selected lines :


Delete all other lines, paste from the clipboard, and save the file :


Now let us test our new profile.
click the “load profile from file” icon – first icon from the left at tag “processing profiles” :


Select the new “auto_levels.pp3” and click “open” :


The auto levels button will light up, and the values will automatically change :


You have made your first RT profile, a very simple, but very effective.
Now do the same with sharpening in the detail tab – choose your prefered settings, save with an appropriate name ( you can make profiles with different settings if you want ) :




For this profile its best to keep all values of the sharpening code :


At this point there are a few possibilities, you can add specific profiles to a batch file, or you can use the “set /p” command to interactively define a specific profile.
This one will automatically use auto levels and sharpen the picture :
@echo off
set /p input=Enter Input parameter :
set /p output=Enter output parameter :
set /p format=Jpeg/compression (-j10/100 ) or Tif ( -t ) :
set /p quality=Jpeg quality ( -js1/3 ) or Tif Bit depth ( -b8/16 ) :
rawtherapee.exe -o %output% %format% %quality% -p profiles\auto_levels.pp3 -p profiles\sharpening.pp3 -c %input%

Or this one for interactive use :

@echo off
set /p input=Enter Input parameter :
set /p output=Enter output parameter :
set /p format=Jpeg/compression (-j10/100 ) or Tif ( -t ) :
set /p quality=Jpeg quality ( -js1/3 ) or Tif Bit depth ( -b8/16 ) :
set /p profile=Define RT profile ( like default.pp3 or generic\natural-1.pp3 ) :
rawtherapee.exe -o %output% %format% %quality% -p profiles\%profile% -c %input%

When using one profile, enter it this way :

If you want to use both the auto_levels.pp3 and sharpening.pp3 profile with the interactive batch file, you have to enter it this way :
auto_levels.pp3 -p profiles\sharpening.pp3
-> the first part of the command in the script was already there, to use another profile, you need to enter a new command string with the profile.

You can make as many profiles you like,
you can even combine different actions in one profile,
time to experiment !


To be continued



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