RawTherapee extracting problems for creating a portable version

The problems started from version 4.2.265
When using innoextract.exe, the extraction fails when hitting the Nikon DC200 file.
Same problem occurs with all versions from 4.2.265 up.
This extraction problem is reported @ https://github.com/Beep6581/RawTherapee/issues
At this point its uncertain if the problem lays with RT or innoextract.
Two days ago RT version 4.2.312 came out.
And I tried a different way.
Extraction works when using innounp.exe
Innounp.exe can be found and downloaded @ http://innounp.sourceforge.net/
For easy extraction copy the command line below, paste in a notepad file, and rename the file and/or extention to .bat ( like innounp.bat )
Place the innounp.exe, innounp.bat and the extracted RT file in the same folder.
Doubleclick the bat file -> extraction starts.

innounp -v -x RawTherapee_WinVista_64_4.2.312.exe

You can reuse this batch file for other RT versions, just change the version number.

For more information about creating your own Portable RawTherapee, please read my article @ http://www.digicrea.be/workshop/creating-rawtherapee-portable-in-depth/

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