SharpenFX – a free RawTherapee Profiles set as part of PictureFX

Having a set of HaldCLUTS to give our pictures a personal artistic touch is one thing,
but in a normal workflow you probably want to do some basic picture enhancement to.
This is where SharpenFX can help ( download below ).

In IT/programming it is common to do and make things always as simple and clear as possible.
For instance, batch files are made structured and where can commented.
Profile scripts for RawTherapee are not else.
Making a personal profile is simple as clicking the “save current profile” button,
but then it records all possible settings from RT – even the not used.
So, as explained in my writing  its much better to use the “Ctrl” key in combination with the “save current profile” button – and select the choosen parameters.
Then, when you activate “Sharpening” and do some settings, you get this :




instead of :

I tried to paste a full profile after this, but it took 30 seconds to scroll to the end of it,
so, take my word for it, you don’t want that !

Much easier to find a slightly altered parameter this way, then scrolling a 200 pages script ( slightly exaggerated 🙂 )
Also, this way ( with Ctrl – save.. ) you can easily make slight adjustments editing the profile direct, and save them as a new one.

When it comes to find changes in scripts and profiles, I find “Diffuse Merge Tool” a very handy tool.
It detects differences between two files and highlights them :


Find it at :

Not everyone will agree with me, and will/would use it, but I find the RT basic sharpening tool a fast and good way of sharpening your pictures for most circumstances.
And even when you don’t like it, the method written here can help you making your own personal sharpening set.

When using “Unsharp Mask” as a method, I mostly use three settings, that is “radius” “amount” and “sharpen only edges”.
And, depending on image and/or state of sharpness, I most always use the same parameter settings.
From these parameter settings I made a set of twelve profiles, I also added a set of three profiles made with the “RL Deconvultion” method.
With these set of 15 sharpening methodes and settings, I most always have direct access to the near best profile setting for any picture.

For the ones that can’t wait until the article is finished,
hereby the link to the download of SharpenFX 

Article update august 2016,
After a short vacation, and also after reading comments and ideas about this subject, I have made some changes to the original SharpenFX files.
The original idea was to get a set of sharpening tools, to get you on your way and with some fine tuning, to get the best possible results.
The problem with the set was that, most of times the “amount” settings where at its maximum or over the top.
Its was indeed better to start somewhere in the middle,
and after a lot of testing on various ( unsharp ) pictures, I choose 350 as reference point.
Many use 200 to 250, but I have noticed that, with a bit of fiddle with the “Threshold” sliders, you can get much sharper results at higher amounts and still not having to much noise or artifacts.
I also removed the “RL Deconvultion” as they made the set to confusing.

So, as of today, the new set is online, and at the same time upgraded with a set of noise reduction profiles.
The new set is named “PictureFX Profiles” so I can add other profile sets in future.

To use : unzip the archive in your RawTherapee Profiles folder ( Windows, Linux or Mac makes no difference ), the archive consists of different profile sets/folders like : SharpenFX, NoiseFX, and other will be added later.
Restart RT and find the sets in the “Bundeled Profiles” menu.

You can download the new set here or here : Downloads


Have fun !

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