RawTherapee – SharpenFX and NoiseFX Profiles, What it does and how to use it.

There is no best sharpen profile, and there is also no best noise profile.
Pre-set profiles can help to get as near as possible to a best setting with a certain picture, and with another picture, you will probably need a different profile.
That is why there are 14 sharpen scripts and 4 noise reduction scripts,
and even then, you will probably still need to adjust them.
But I find it much more easy to compare the results obtained by pre-set profiles,
than sliding back and forth with settings, and try to remember and visualise how it was before and how it is now.

Start from neutral profile ( or use auto settings if picture is to dark )
Toggle the Before/After view ( shift-B )
Lock the left screen to compare with the original or intermediate steps
When near best profile is found, lock it on left pannel, and fine tune right side.

Sharpen and Denoise only when needed.
In most of my pictures, i didn’t use or only very mild sharpen and/or denoise.
It depends mostly on the picture itself or for what i’m going to use the picture for.
In some cases, when a picture is unsharp or noisy, but when I realy need it,
I use higher values, but always try to avoid them.

Some examples :

If possible, start with a neutral RAW picture :


Magnify to 100% and choose a good field for comparison, in this case : the eye :


Toggle Before/After view ( top left, third icon – or shift b ) – option : lock original picture ( just above picture a small icon named “before” )

Choose a SharpenFX setting – here used : radius 0,75 – amount 350


Next is the same value but with “sharpen only edges”, a lot less noise just above the frog !


Try a higher setting – here 1.50 – 350


Same but only edges :


Again higher : 3.00 -350


And same only edges


If you look close, you will notice a world of difference between the different values, and because the effects of the profiles are direct, its easy to compare and choose the best option.

The next one is with the highest values ( 3.00-350 edges ) at the left, and at right with NoiseFX profile luminance 25


Next one is a different picture with added SharpenFX profile 1.50 – 350 edges


And now with added NoiseFX luminance 25


Yes, you can add multiple profiles on top of each other

PictureFX profiles, as with all profiles, can be placed anywhere on your computer.
They will not show up in the bundled profiles, but can be easily accessed by “Load a profile from file” folder icon – top screen, next to bundled profiles.

If you would like that they show up in bundled profiles, you will have to use command line in Linux – in Windows you can just copy the different PictureFX folders in the RawTherapee Profiles folder.

With Linux operating systems, be carefull when using command line in the system folder !
Unless you now what you are doing, it is better to use the alternative option than to destroy your system.
Else, look up the right command for your system at an apropriate website,
I used something like “sudo cp – R (path original files to copy) (path where to copy)”
Google is a good starting point 🙂

PictureFX Profiles can be downloaded at “My Downloads

Next set to add to PictureFX Profiles will be “ToneMappingFX” , its almost done !

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