Chinon CE-4 electronic

These cameras are momentarily auction reserve.


Technical specifications Chinon CE4 :
( from under GNU Free Documentation License )
“Maker: Chinon
Dates: cca. 1980
Variants: black, CE-4s
Camera Type: 35mm SLR
Focusing: manual
Lens mount: Chinon Universal Bayonet Mount (Pentax K-mount)
Shutter: Seiko MFC electromagnetic focal plane, vertical, metal
from 8s to 1/1000
Exposure meter: TTL, open aperture,
center weighted by two silicon blue photo cells. EV -2-19
Exposure modes: aperture priority, manual, Bulb
ASA/ISO range: 25 to 3200 ISO
Finder screen: fixed split-screen
Flash shoe: fixed hot shoe, contact for dedicated flash
Flash speed: 1/60
TTL Flash: no
Motor drive: Chinon Power Winder
Battery: 3 ×1.5V Alkaline (LR44, A76) or
3 ×1.5V silver oxide (SR44, S76, G-13)
Weight: 485g
Number produced: unknown”

Camera manual available @


One of two loaded with film:
Fujifilm Superia 200 36 shots
Meanwhile I also bought a motorwinder Chinon PW 530
The Chinon adventure starts.

Chinon CE4 s/n 222386

Chinon CE4 s/n 222386

Chinon CE4 s/n 222386

Found on Youtube :


I bought two new analog cameras,
Chinon CE-4 with auto Chinon MC 50mm f1,7
After a long time of testing different brands and types for my classic camera project,
I stumbled upon this kind of exotic known camera brand.
And in particular on this beautiful black electronic Chinon CE-4 with Pentax mount.
I hope i can test them soon, as i am in the middle of test shooting a Canon AE-1.
The more I look at them and there color combination of black, green and orange, the more I find them the most beautiful cameras ever build by any brand.
They are small, light, and have all features a photographer needs.
What do you want more ?
I think I want to keep one for myself.

Classic Camera Project - Chinon CE-4


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