Chinon CE-4 s/n 184134


Coming soon in auction,
this beautiful black Chinon CE-4

Chinon CE-4 sn 184134
Momentarily i am working with this camera to make a kind of review.
I have three the same cameras at this moment, because I find them so beautiful,
and so fine to work with.
I am sure, at the end I will keep one for myself.
This camera is small ( about the size of a Pentax ME) and has all features you need.
Manual controls, aperture priority, DOF switch, EV control, …
Because of its small size and black finish : stealth photography – great for street shoots !
Professional look, cheap and easy to find lenses ( Pentax mount ) – compatible mount for other brand digital cameras.
It’s also the perfect student camera.

Album pictures :

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