The magical disappearing act with Gimp

Yesterday I posted a new picture of mine on Flickr:
Idyllic train station @ Vielsalm :

Idyllic Train Station @ Vielsalm
In the original picture there where some disturbing elements like car’s, a container and road signs

With Gimp there is an easy way to get rid of them by using the “Healing selection” script
I use the portable version of Gimp Partha 2.8.14, and it has this script already build in.
If you use another version of Gimp, you can also find it in the Gimp Plugin Repository @
Direct link :
Look @ my instruction video below to see how it works.
Enjoy !

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  1. great, I am too a free software user, all my photos are processed with rawtherapee, zeronoise, gimp and luminance HDR. all about under ARCH LINUX

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