Exif info inserted on a picture

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This workshop explains how to insert exif info in a picture with Gimp.

Things you need ( for easy working, place all downloaded tools and scripts in one easy to find folder – maybe on your desktop ? )

Exiftool from Phil Harvey : exiftool  -> you need the windows executable, latest version.

Python script from the Gimp Plugin Registry : ExifInfo.py.txt

Notepad++ Portable ( not mandatory – can be done with windows notepad ) : Notepad++

NotepadppPortable_128 (1)

Ok now, lets get to work !

Extract the Exiftool to a chosen folder – open the folder – find the file exiftool(-k).exe ( picture below ) – rename this file to : exiftool.exe


Open your Gimp folder and create a new folder in the root, name it “Exiftool” -> then copy the file exiftool.exe to this folder.


Now copy the ExifInfo.py.txt file to your Plugins folder in Gimp -> you can easily find this by going in Gimp to your”edit” menu, then “preferences”, followed by “folders” and then “plug-ins” -> look at the right panel. If you are using Gimp Partha 4.2.1 the path is : C:\…\…\gimp-2.8.14\lib\gimp\2.0\plug-ins. Also be sure this folder is correctly set in your Gimp preferences.


Open the file ExifInfo.py.txt with Notepad++ ( or standard notepad ) -> find the line that points to the exiftool path in Gimp – it starts with “cmd” and has no hash tag # ( see picture below ) -> change the path between cmd=r’ and the next ‘ – it probably starts with c:\ and then the path to the folder where your Gimp installation is placed. ( like the yellow example )


If we are going to do this proper, we probably also want to change the location of the script in Gimp’s menu. Default its located under the menu point “image”. I like to place it in my own “Photographer” menu, to do this change the line below in the script that starts with <image> and replace it with /Photographer/Exif/Exif_InsertExifInfo”


Save in notepad++, then open the plug-in folder and rename the script ExifInfo.py.txt to ExifInfo.py – it will now turn up in your Gimp menu like below.



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