Light Seals

In this workshop we are going to give an old SLR camera a new life.

The light seals of the camera below ( Olympus EE-2 ) are already repaired using the explanation and tools below. The camera is now in almost new state, and works perfectly.

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OK, Lets start the real work, I have here an old Minolta SRT 101.

The Minolta SR-T 101 is a 35mm manual focus SLR camera with Through-The-Lens (TTL) exposure metering, it was launched in 1966 by Minolta Camera Co. And stayed in production for about ten years. That makes this baby ( today 2014 ) about 48 years old. Camera’s that old have undoubtedly problems with light seals, if there are no other problems. So it is very important to check before you buy any old camera. The most important part is the shutter, if this not works, forget it. I find the light meter is less important because it can be replaced by an external light meter, or you can even take pictures using the sunny 16 system – but thats for another article.

What do we need ?

The most important things are: a liquid to clean the camera and that leaves no damage or traces. Something to remove the old seals (toothpicks – cotton swabs (q tip)) ​​again not to sharp or hard (non metal).
Sealing materials, and some small tools such as watchmakers screwdrivers, superglue, a small cutter, etc …
As you do this work, there is more and more u can use or need.

Let’s start!

The Tools :

A dirty camera :

Preparing the camera :

Overall Cleaning :

Cleaning and replacing seals in the Camera Back :

Cleaning the Mirror lock up, and replacing the seal :

Cleaning the lens:

Mount the lens, and the camera is now ready to Go !



Any questions? you know where to find me.


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