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Digicrea.be retires.

Digicrea retires, the website will end on 01/05/2021.
I would like to thank all the loyal readers of www.digicrea.be.
But it is not over yet!
There is a new website, and to be correct 3 !
All photography related: https://marcrphoto.wordpress.com/
All Bushcraft related: https://thebushcraftfamily.wordpress.com/
A backup of most articles from the old digicrea website: https://digicreabelgium.wordpress.com/

Everything about creating and using HaldClut, Clut’s and PictureFX can be found from now on at https://marcrphoto.wordpress.com

On my new photography website you will find: a photo gallery with my most recent work, a blog with tips and ideas, spotlight on vintage lenses, mount adapters, the Fujifilm X system, and more.
Everything may not be spic and span, but its certainly fresh!

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