RawTherapee HaldCLUT Creation

When it comes to developing pictures, all available software on the market has some kind of possibility to implement style automation or effects.
And this is done by the use of presets ( Photoshop ), filters, plugins …
Also RawTherapee has some way of implementing automation or effects.
In RawTherapee you can use Profiles and HaldCLUT.
Unlike a Profile, where all possible settings in RawTherapee are recorded,
a HaldCLUT only holds an identity of a color pattern.

Read more about HaldCLUT here : http://www.quelsolaar.com/technology/clut.html
and here :
and also here : http://blog.patdavid.net/2015/03/film-emulation-in-rawtherapee.html

With an HaldCLUT you could reproduce the color identity of 35mm film,
bringing back the typical colors from lets say a Fuji Velvia 100 to a digital picture.
But it could also be used to reproduce a color correction or effect you manualy had set in RawTherapee,
to give your pictures a certain personal style.

However, a HaldCLUT can only hold a color tone, color identity or color pattern.
That means : if you would set “Tone Mapping” in RawTherapee to create a HaldCLUT, the HaldCLUT will not record nor reproduce this effect, only the overall effect on the color tone will hold.
So, a HaldCLUT can not be used to create HDR or Tone mapping effects.

Here is how to make your own HaldCLUT in RawTherapee :

1 ) Open any (RAW) picture in RawTherapee


2) Implement the desired tone settings ( no sharpening, noise, tone mapping …)


3) Save parameters-settings as profile ( to file or clipboard – look here how )


4) Open HaldCLUT identity file ( see HaldCLUT folder )


5) Load the earlier saved profile – or load from clipboard


6) The new HaldCLUT is created


7) Save your new HaldCLUT to the HaldCLUT folder as 16 bit PNG ( also possible 8 bit PNG or TIF )


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