I started writing about photography early 2011,
in a blog : http://pentaxianbelgium.blogspot.be/
In that same year, in may 2011, I bought and registered my own domain : www.digicrea.be
that first year I had 1064 visits.
2012 – 3657 visits
2013 – 5720 visits
2014 – 19567 visits
2015 – 31 december 00:00u – 70.655 visits this year !
2016 …
Update sept. 2017 – www-digicrea.be counted 300942 visits this year from 111856 visitors.

Top countries : United States (26.859 visitors), Ukraine (9490 visitors), Russian Federation (7850 visitors), France (6543 visitors), Germany (4893 visitors), United Kingdom (3853 visitors), China (3518 visitors), Brazil (3497 visitors), Canada, Poland, and many more.

I hereby sincerely want to thank everyone of you for the interest .

I would also like to take the opportunity to thank all readers who have enthusiastically been sharing my posts. Because this website is all about sharing knowledge and increasing the interest in digital and analog photography.



The products, brands and/or company’s I mention in my posts have no connection to the marketers of those products – I don’t receive anything for my reviews or get a commission, nor do I get paid by click. I simply recommend those products to my readers because I believe in them.

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