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1. Reflections, 2. Lighthouse @ the Beach

August 2016, PictureFX on PIXLS.US :

Latest Project 2016 : PictureFX

PictureFX ( work in progress )
A series of scripts and CLUTS for use in RawTherapee.
The purpose of PictureFX scripts is to make basic and advanced picture development faster and easier.
PictureFX CLUTS helps to create personalized and artistic effects.

Already find a small set of PictureFX CLUTS available in Downloads.

As of today, PictureFX is also available in G’MIC, Thank You David Tschumperlé !

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Links :

Marc Roovers on Flickrock

Pentaxianbelgium on blogspot

Pentaxianbelgium on Youtube

Pentaxianbelgium – Digicrea on Fluidr on Flickriver

Picture in Flickr Explore 09/06/2016


Lighthouse @ the Beach

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Winner of the PLAY RAW 46 contest April 2015 :

Links – Mentions :   ( Pentax What Else ! Group cover picture 09/05/2015 )


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