Apexel 16mm 4K Wide Lens Review

We will just start again with a question “why use a conversion lens”?
Well, your smartphone has a fixed lens on board.
So, if you, want a wider image, zoom in on something or like a fish eye efect, you can only do that through a conversion lens – clip on lens.
Note: your smartphone camera has a digital zoom, but it is worthless.
There are cheap lens sets on the market – for a few euros / pounds / dollar you can buy one, nice for children, or to play with yourself, but otherwise not worth much.
The problem with those cheap things is that: towards the edges everything becomes out of focus and blury, and your pictures show an edge – a ring.
This is because these lenses have a small outside (or inside) diameter, so that the lens edge lies in the image area.

It depends on what you will use the most, but for me it’s a wide-angle lens. You can use them for nature, landscape, city, architecture etc.
After long consideration – compare – reviews, my choice fell on the Apexel 16mm 4K Wide Lens.
The problem with many reviews is that the “tests” have not always been carried out in practice, and / or for a very short time.
As a result: quality issues and practical problems usually remain hidden. So I try to publish my reviews after I have thoroughly used the item in question.

Manufacturer’s Specifications:

Magnification Ratio: 0.6X
Lens Coatings: Multi-layer broadband
Lens Construction: 4 elements in 4 groups
Resolution(axis): 300 LP/MM
Resolution(corner): 250 LP/MM
TV Distortion <4.2%
Dimensions(main body): 1.38inch – 35mm (diameter) x 1 inch – 25.4mm (length)

Things to take into account: the camera of my Wiko View 2 is half a millimeter above the telephone body (see detail photo), which means that the clip of the conversion lens does not get a good grip on the telephone, and can also get crooked. To compensate for this I use a silicone phone cover (see detail photo) which makes a wider and even surface for the lens clip. Just to say that, for mounting the lens and lens clip you have to take both sides of your phone into account.

Apexel listed as a compatible brand: Samsung, HTC, Apple iPhones.
In my opinion, only how the camera phone lens is placed (also not suitable for twin lenses), and how the shape of the phone body is, can be a problem for mounting this and any other conversion lens. In principle you should be able to see potential problems in advance.

The package includes a handy protective bag, lens cloth and front and rear lens caps. A polarizing filter is also included, but its usefulness seems less useful to me, but it is a nice extra. Where to find : search Google for “Apexel 16mm 4K Wide Lens, type APL-16MM”( probably Aliexpress, Amazon, Gearbest …) Price : between €15 and €25 (I paid €16, air mail from china included)

Picture Results :

Macro setting – Normal lens
Macro setting – Apexel 16mm 4K Wide Lens
Normal lens
Apexel 16mm 4K Wide Lens
Taken with an unbranded cheap wide angle – notice the dark edges !
Macro setting – Normal lens
Macro setting – Apexel 16mm 4K Wide Lens
Normal lens
Apexel 16mm 4K Wide Lens

Final Conclusion :

  • Reasonable to good results for photos, even slightly better for video , depending on the subject and amount of light (time of day)
  • Wide angle lens effect without ugly dark edges, rings or other deformations of the image
  • Affordable quality lens
  • Good build quality
  • Disadvantage: although sturdy and lots of glass used, as a result, the lens can shift due to the weight.

There are of course better cameras than the Wiko View 2, shooting in RAW and a variable aperture can ensure that you can achieve better results, but then we are also talking about a phone that is about 4 times more expensive. And I prefer a € 250 telephone + a good DSLR body of € 750 than a € 1000 smartphone ( although there is at the moment of writing this review, one other alternative, namely the Xiaomi Mi 9 with 3 lenses – normal, wide and tele @ about € 499 )
But, if you take the time to get the conversion lens very nicely on the center of the phone lens, and the lighting conditions are good, then you can get reasonable to good results with this very affordable Apexel 16mm 4K wide conversion lens. I would say : Highly recommended !

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