Bushcraft Gear – Overview

Part of my military type bushcraft equipment on a wheelbarrow

In a few weeks I am attending another bushcraft event, and I like to check and sort out the things I would like to take with me long in advance.
The gear I take with me is always carefully considered in function of the event. Depending on whether I go alone or with a group, weather conditions, terrain, which type of burner/stove I am going to use …
It’s about being well prepared.

The most common question: why do I use military gear ?
Military surplus is relatively cheap to obtain,
it is made for heavy and long term use,
the color pattern (cammo) blends perfectly into nature.

A second frequently asked question: why so much volume or gear ? – and on YouTube I see bushcrafters with only one backpack ?
The volume and weight is partly due to the fact that military gear is bulky and heavy.
Hence the wheelbarrow.
An example: a simple trekking tent weighs less then 2.5 kg, my dutch “one man tent” weighs 7.5 kg and easily takes 4 times more volume.

The transport with the wheelbarrow, the volume and weight, makes it more difficult to go on difficult paths or long distances, but perfect for use at authorized camp places or bushcraft events where access is usually much better and easier. Also, this way you can have the comfort of cotton tents, tent stoves, make delicious food creations in stead of eating a freeze dried meal out of a little bag. The wheelbarrow bushcrafter can take all the comfort he wants, and can live more like the pioneers or camping like in the early days.

The reason for the backpack bushcrafter is that in many cases they go wild camping, so, they do not want to stand out, want to be lightly packed to set up quickly and quickly be able to leave. That is also why many bushcrafters use a hammock. So it actually has nothing to do with bushcraft itself but rather with not being caught during wild camping. The backpack bushcrafter is more like a survivalist or a camper with bare necessity’s.

Or else, maybe you don’t like the fuss, don’t stay long in one place or have to travel over a long distance, these are also good reasons why you would rather choose for a light setup.
Bushcraft has many faces and you have to choose the one that fits you most.

Whats on the wheelbarrow ?
  • metal mortar chest with the kitchen equipment
  • dutch one man tent
  • Dutch KLU sleeping bag with fleece inner bag
  • self inflating mattress
  • DD Hammocks Tarp XL 4.5x3m
  • Dutch small duffel bag (Ronnie Tobber) contains the tent mounting kit (pegs, rope, poles ) knives, axe and other heavy material
  • NVA tarp

Other stuff not on the wheelbarrow : Lowe Alpine Sting 55+20 rucksack – British CS95 Windproof Smock, DPM, surplus – Pants Decathlon Solognac Steppe 300 Two Tone – Solognac 100 reinforced hunting T shirt – Solognac Baselayer fleece shirt and pants – Solognac long socks – Tactical MA-1 boots – Different Solognac and Army surplus organizers and pouches, containing small stuff like a fire kit, power and light kit, communication kit, hygienic kit, medic kit … These organizers and pouches are stuffed in the rucksack, together with underwear, sleepwear, reserve and bad weather clothing etc.

Where did I find this stuff ?

setup at location

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