DIY “Mad Max” Paracord bracelet

I watched a lot of instruction videos about making a paracord bracelet, many of them made use of buckle,s others had complicated knots, but the biggest problem was always making it the right size.
Searching for a simple design I came acros the “Mad Max” paracord bracelet. The original design makes use of two loops that makes the bracelet adjustable, but in time they tend to loosen en the bracelet doesnt stay tight anymore. I also wanted a design that could easily be made by children or adults without any paracord experience, and that does not require extra parts such as buckles. I tought of a solution ( maybe someone else had the same idea ) to make the tension adjustable, so you always could tighten it if needed. A new type “Mad Max” paracord bracelet was born!

To get started you need two pieces of paracord – about 1m ( 40 inch ) and 2m ( 79 inch ) the short piece is the base of the bracelet, the longer one is used for the cobra stitch ( the piece of 1m is probably long enough for most people, the 2m piece sometimes need to be longer, depending on the thickness of the wrist and/or the quality of the paracord – bodybuilders and weightlifters probably need to stretch my measurements a little bit 🙂 ). The knot used for this bracelet is called the “cobra stitch”.

activate subtitles -> hover the video – below, right side, click the keyboard icon

Have Fun !

Not so long ago I found an Ausie bloke on YouTube that had another, also very nice solution for the problem.
He makes use of a Prusik knot, the benefit of this is that it doesn’t slip open easily. The rest of the design is the same – cobra stitch and finished with a stopper knot.
WhyKnot :

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