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Digicrea_Photographer_Script_Compilation_v2.0 for Gimp ( 2015 )

DownloadPictureFX_v2.0 ( newest full set, profiles and HaldCLUTS )

Download PictureFX Profiles set ( SharpenFX and NoiseFX )

Download from Google Drive


PictureFX, a free HaldCLUT set, style a la NIK Software.

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or download here.

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Problems or damage caused by downloading and using the software provided on this website is entirely at your own risk.

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  1. How do I add your profiles to my raw therapee:

    • Hello Mark,
      There are two ways :
      first, download the profiles to your computer, then
      1) copy the files to the “profile” folder of RawTherapee
      2) open them straight from RT : open any picture – right side top “processing profiles” – and then “open a profile from file”
      For testing, or using other than the standard RT profiles, I like this one the best.
      Have fun !

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