Enfuse Simple Fusion Reactor

The “Enfuse Simple Fusion” batch file is already a few days completely ready.
The code of the batch file will let you see that many more options are possible.
But writing and creating instructional videos etc takes more time than I thought.
Because of that, i created a compiled version : E.S.F. Reactor, with all needed components on board.
Which means, you don’t need to add Enfuse or the needed dll file, or place E.S.F. in the Hugin root folder.
In other words, E.S.F Reactor is completely portable and standalone.
It’s simple, just follow the instructions in the video, and you are on your way .

Download the ESF Reactor here : My Downloads – created for and tested on Windows Seven 64, should work on any Windows version from XP up.

Full article about ESF and its code coming soon …

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