Enfuse Simple Fusion script – Working with Enfuse made simple.

This is my final version,
I think 🙂
Two different downloads, two new names.
ESF Phase IV Generator
ESF Phase IV Reactor
ESF stands for Enfuse Simple Fusion
Phase Four (IV), the script evolved four times.
Generator means it generates images, but like an electric generator needs fuel, this one needs the Enfuse executable and the vcomp110.dll to run.
The Reactor on the other hand, like a real nuclear reactor, is self supported.
No extra executables and dlls.
Summarized :
The ESF Phase IV Generator is a batch file script, that needs to be in a folder together with enfuse.exe and the vcomp110.dll to work.
The ESF Phase IV Reactor however, is a full portable and stand-alone compiled application,
but the main code cannot be changed, only the settings in the “my_settings” Enfuse configuration file.
If you are not into computers , then this version is best for you.

The code (green) :

( you can copy the code here, paste it in notepad, line out the menu structure, and save as batch file ( .bat ) )

TITLE ESF Phase IV Generator
color 2E
@echo off
ECHO º º
ECHO º ESF Phase IV Generator º
ECHO º º
ECHO º 1. Set Fusion Folders and file extention º
ECHO º º
ECHO º 2. Basic Fusion º
ECHO º º
ECHO º 3. My Settings Fusion º
ECHO º º
ECHO º 4. Example Fusions º
ECHO º º
ECHO º 5. Open and Save Enfuse Help º
ECHO º º
ECHO º Q. Quit º
ECHO º º

set /p Choice=Enter: 1,2,3,.. or Q to Quit –
if [%Choice%]==[1] goto fusion_folder
if [%Choice%]==[2] goto basic_fusion
if [%Choice%]==[3] goto my_settings
if [%Choice%]==[4] goto fusion_test
if [%Choice%]==[5] goto enfuse_help
if [%Choice%]==[q] goto end
if [%Choice%]==[Q] goto end
For %%a in (1,2,3,..9,q,Q) do if not [%Choice%]==[%%a] goto end

color 1F
set /p input=Set Input Fusion Folder :
set /p output=Set Output Fusion Folder :
set /p ext1=Set Input File Extention :
set /p ext2=Set Output File Extention :
goto fusion_menu

color 1F
enfuse –exposure-weight=0 –saturation-weight=0 –contrast-weight=1 –hard-mask –output=%output%fusion_ew0_sw0_cw1_hm.%ext2% %input%*.%ext1%
goto fusion_menu

color 1F
set /p my_settings=<my_settings.txt
echo Run My Settings Fusion
enfuse %my_settings% –output=%output%my_fusion.%ext2% %input%*.%ext1%
goto fusion_menu

color 1F
enfuse –output=%output%fusion.%ext2% %input%*.%ext1%
enfuse –exposure-weight=0 –output=%output%fusion_ew0.%ext2% %input%*.%ext1%
enfuse –exposure-weight=1 –output=%output%fusion_ew1.%ext2% %input%*.%ext1%
enfuse –saturation-weight=0 –output=%output%fusion_sw0.%ext2% %input%*.%ext1%
enfuse –saturation-weight=1 –output=%output%fusion_sw1.%ext2% %input%*.%ext1%
enfuse –contrast-weight=0 –output=%output%fusion_cw0.%ext2% %input%*.%ext1%
enfuse –contrast-weight=1 –output=%output%fusion_cw1.%ext2% %input%*.%ext1%
enfuse –hard-mask –output=%output%fusion_hm.%ext2% %input%*.%ext1%
enfuse –contrast-edge-scale=0 –output=%output%fusion_ces0.%ext2% %input%*.%ext1%
enfuse –contrast-edge-scale=1 –output=%output%fusion_ces1.%ext2% %input%*.%ext1%
enfuse –contrast-window-size=3 –output=%output%fusion_cws3.%ext2% %input%*.%ext1%
enfuse –contrast-window-size=9 –output=%output%fusion_cws9.%ext2% %input%*.%ext1%
enfuse –gray-projector=anti-value –output=%output%fusion_gp_av.%ext2% %input%*.%ext1%
enfuse –gray-projector=average –output=%output%fusion_gp_a.%ext2% %input%*.%ext1%
enfuse –gray-projector=l-star –output=%output%fusion_gp_ls.%ext2% %input%*.%ext1%
enfuse –gray-projector=lightness –output=%output%fusion_gp_lig.%ext2% %input%*.%ext1%
enfuse –gray-projector=luminance –output=%output%fusion_gp_lum.%ext2% %input%*.%ext1%
enfuse –gray-projector=pl-star –output=%output%fusion_gp_ps.%ext2% %input%*.%ext1%
enfuse –exposure-mu=0 –output=%output%fusion_e-mu0.%ext2% %input%*.%ext1%
enfuse –exposure-mu=1 –output=%output%fusion_e-mu1.%ext2% %input%*.%ext1%
enfuse –exposure-sigma=0 –output=%output%fusion_e-si0.%ext2% %input%*.%ext1%
enfuse –exposure-sigma=1 –output=%output%fusion_e-si1.%ext2% %input%*.%ext1%
enfuse –exposure-weight=1 –saturation-weight=1 –contrast-weight=1 –hard-mask –output=%output%fusion_ew1_sw1_cw1_hm.%ext2% %input%*.%ext1%
goto fusion_menu
color 1F
echo Save and Open Enfuse Help
enfuse.exe –help >enfuse_help.txt
goto fusion_menu


colors :

0 = Black 8 = Gray
1 = Blue 9 = Light Blue
2 = Green A = Light Green
3 = Aqua B = Light Aqua
4 = Red C = Light Red
5 = Purple D = Light Purple
6 = Yellow E = Light Yellow
7 = White F = Bright White

Screen shot of the menu :

esf phase IV





Download this script @ My Downloads  ( ESF_Phase_IV_Generator )

I will make the ESF Phase IV Reactor version also soon available @ My Downloads

The script consists of two parts,
the first part is to set image path and file type.
Here you can set both input and output path, but also input and output extension.
For testing purposes this proved to be the best option.
Second part consists of three development options,
– a basic fusion ( from all scripts I found on the internet, this one was the most used )
enfuse –exposure-weight=0 –saturation-weight=0 –contrast-weight=1 –hard-mask
– then we have the “my_settings” option, for this one, you need to save a text file named “my_settings.txt” in the same folder as the batch script.
this text file contains the commands to run Enfuse.
to test it, you could add the commands from the basic fusion – but don’t forget, you only need the commands ( like –exposure-weight=0 –saturation-weight=0 –contrast-weight=1 –hard-mask )
– finally, there is a test output of 23 Enfuse commands, you can choose the one you like the most, and find the command line you need by following its file name and comparing it with the script. Then you can use this command line in the “my_settings.txt” file to reproduce these settings with your fusions.

Thats it,

Hope you’ll enjoy fusion as much as I do,
If any questions still remain, send me a message and i will try to answer soon.

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