How to get the best of HDR and a normal exposed image ?

Many people do not like to see HDR and its surrealistic unreal images.
But there is no other way to get those details in lighter and darker parts in some images.
The problem is not to overdo the HDR effect ( guilty as charged 🙂 )
But there is another way to get all the best of a normal developed and an HDR,
just fuse them !
Here is an example of a normal developed image, look at the pillows and the wooden bench.



And here is an HDR, compare the details of the pillow and the wood, but also notice the ugly dark flare above the trees.



Now lets fuse these two images together, and get the best of both worlds :

Original with HDR Fusion
Notice the details in the pillows and wood, also look at the trees and sky, they look normal again.
You can not get the same details in an HDR if you don’t push it to the limit, but when you do, you also get the ugly parts.
By fusing it with a normal exposed image, you can get the details and getting rid of the ugly parts.
And fusing images is made simple now, with my ESF batch script.
So try it out !

Download Enfuse Simple Fusion batch file ( ESF )

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