Old lenses on new cameras

While i am a specialized Pentax user, I also use other brand lenses with other kind of mounts.
Especially M42 and PK* lenses.
To do this, you need an adapter to convert M42 to K* mount ( * also referred as PK mount )
PK* lenses can be mounted without an adapter, but also with this type of lenses, there are many different kind of mounts -> electrical contacts, an A setting on the lens, a switch for manual/auto, metal latches in the mount and hand controlled apertures
Doing this for a while now, i came across a few problems.
But also if you have another brand of camera, you’ll need adapters and can come across coupling problems either electrical or mechanical.
For this I started this topic, and I will complement the article depending on problems I encounter.

Link to the new topic https://www.digicrea.be/the-classic-camera-project/old-lenses-on-new-cameras/



  1. I use manual M42 lenses for several years. I really love them (Flektogon 20mm F/4, Chinon 55mm F/1.7, Carl Zeiss Pancolar 50mm F/1.8, Jupiter 37-AM 135mm F/3.5, Carl Zeiss 135mm F/3.5, Tair 3-S 300mm F/4.5).

    The hard/boring thing is to correct focus problem (back/front focusing) on K-5.

    • Hello Cedric,
      Thanks for all comments !
      Yes, focusing is a problem.
      And that’s because you don’t need to focus with a modern digital camera,
      it’s all autofocus, and because of that, no split focusing screens anymore.
      And the one that fabricated these screens for modern cameras – http://www.katzeyeoptics.com/ – is shutting down its busines.
      Wat you still can do is buy a magnifying eypiece for your camera.

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