Past Event : “West Vlams” Bushcraftweekend, 31 may and 1e and 2e of june 2019

Location : Hopper Merkenveld, Merkenveldweg 15 at Zedelgem.

Fire & Shelter : Multiple grassfields separated by tree lines,
a larger camping field (forest) for hammocks, a fire pit with sufficient extinguishing water and a fire extinguisher on each field

Water & Food : Free drinking water, a bar with Belgian beer ( and other drinks ) and real outdoor catering

Other: a sanitary building with sufficient toilets and showers

Number of participants : about 150 to 200

Number of workshops : 65

Weather condition : rain was predicted, but the event was very sunny and warm – normal weather for Belgium

Crew : highly motivated crew, always smiling, friendly, and especially bushcrafting professional

External professional participants : Bushpappa , Natuurpunt , Buitenkok

Rating : 5 star – Highly Recommended

Pictures : due to the new strict legislation on privacy matters, GDPR, only a limited number of photos were placed on which ( in my opinion ) no clearly recognizable faces were visible – If you still think you can recognize yourself or someone else, and you would like to have this picture removed, please leave a message.

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