Photography Workflow on Linux – Software

Coming from Windows, Linux software installation is a bit disappointing.
Let’s take RawTherpee for example, in Windows choose 32 or 64 bit, choose (any) version, download – double click and install by RT build in installer – nothing to it.
And then i didn’t even mention the fact that it’s possible to run portable applications.

In Linux it’s different, you can try the distro included software installer but you can’t choose version, in some distros it isn’t even available and then you will have to install thru terminal or download and install thru another software installer like Synaptic or gDebi.
And at the end it ain’t even certain the software will work at all.
This is sometimes also with other software.

So I will not tell you here how to install the software I prefer in Linux,
because it’s never the same.
In case of trouble Google is the right place for help.

Ok then, here is my prefered list of software for a photography workflow:
Rapid Photo Downloader
Extra tools:
Luminance HDR
I installed also Digicam but only for its plugins : Exposure blend and Panorama. Unfortunately, they now fail to work in Xubuntu, while they did in Ubuntu and also in a live session with Xubuntu – as I told before, this is where I am disappointed in Linux.

OK, I don’t have to write about RawTherapee and Gimp, because I already did before.
The newcomers here are :
File copiër Rapid Photo Downloader and viewer gThumb.

Rapid Photo Downloader :

A more complete video about Rapid Photo Downloader, made by Desmond Manny, also a fine photographer, can also be found on youtube here :

Updated and continued soon…


  1. For Ubuntu-based distros (for e. Mint) use my PPA:

    … there’s package rawtherapee-unstable (don’t fear the ‘unstable’), builded every day from the newest sources.

    To add ppa to system, type in terminal (fastest way than graphics GUI):

    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:dhor/myway
    sudo apt-get update

    and then install rawtherapee-unstable.

    Also keep an eye on Photivo, Photoflow and many others projects: (there’s translate button)

    • Hello dhor,

      My prefered distro at the moment is Xubuntu, but i will try yours on a live USB.
      RawTherapee, my favorite RAW developer !
      Although I miss the possibility to run RT portable like i did on Windows,
      always the latest version, and as much versions as you would like at the same time
      Thanks for the tips !

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