PictureFX v2.0

I am the developer of a series of scripts ( profiles ) and CLUTS for use in RawTherapee, I named PictureFX.
PictureFX CLUTS helps to create personalized and artistic effects.
PictureFX Profiles are for sharpening, denoising and other development actions in RawTherapee.
Thanks to David Tschumperlé PictureFX CLUTS can also be found in G’MIC,
and in the Free Online Film Emulator made by Jonas Wagner.

What is new in PictureFX v2.0 :
I added ten new HaldCLUTS and 7 Tone Mapping Profiles,

The TechnicalFX folder in HaldCLUT’s is new, I want to use it for photographic adjustment filters,
the first filter I made for it is a backlight filter.
It tries to improve the image and lightens the forground.
The AnalogFX folder contains five new CLUTS, two to get an old style picture, and three new sepia color tinted.
A B&W solarizing CLUT can be found in the ZilverFX folder,
and three CLUTS to improve your sunsets in the GoldFX folder.
There is a 1min, 5min and 10min Perfect Sunset CLUT,
the minutes are a representation of the time that goes by as the sunset evolves to a darker but more colorful state.
As mentioned before, the effects can be very diverse on different kind of pictures,
and you may have to fine tune the final outcome,
but that is also with other effect tools like Photoshop Adobe presets or NIK software.
The PictureFX profiles folder contains seven new Tone Mapping presets, starting from a soft effect,
up to psychedelic levels, for you to adjust and fine tune to your taste.

Download PictureFX v2.0 here, or go to download folder.

How to use PictureFX :
Best is to use RAW or other lossless format like TIFF.
Always start from a neutral profile,
adjust or use auto settings if picture is to dark,
-> a certain effect ( profile or HaldCLUT ) can give a very different result on a neutral or adjusted picture, best is to try out.
Toggle the Before/After view ( shift-B )
Lock the left screen to compare with the original or intermediate steps (padlock icon above pictures )
When prefered profile/HaldCLUT is found, lock it on left pannel, and fine tune right side.

Installing PictureFX :
In Windows ->
After downloading PictureFX,
unzip the compressed folder and copy the files to their apropriate folder in RawTherapee.
Restart RawTherapee – or just start it when it was clossed – and the folders should turn up in the Processing Profiles and/or Film Simulation menu.
In Linux ->
This is pretty much the same as for Windows, certainly for HaldCUTS because this folder is set in preferences in RT.
The profiles folder can be more difficult, because this one is hard coded in RT,
and because its not located in the home folder, you need special privileges to copy files into it.
An easier way is to create a new profile folder in your home directory, and access it
with the “load a profile from file” button in RT – safe and easy.
Here is the full list of the new PictureFX zip file :

HaldCLUT’s :
TechnicalFX-Backlight-Filter.png NEW
AnalogFX-Old-Style-I.png NEW
AnalogFX-Old-Style-II.png NEW
AnalogFX-Old-Style-III.png NEW
AnalogFX-Soft-Sepia-I.png NEW
AnalogFX-Soft-Sepia-II.png NEW
ZilverFX-B&W-Solarization.png NEW
GoldFX-Perfect-Sunset-01min.png NEW
GoldFX-Perfect-Sunset-05min.png NEW
GoldFX-Perfect-Sunset-10min.png NEW

Profiles :
ToneMappingFX-1-Subtle.pp3 NEW
ToneMappingFX-2-Soft.pp3 NEW
ToneMappingFX-3-Normal.pp3 NEW
ToneMappingFX-4-Hard.pp3 NEW
ToneMappingFX-5-Explicit.pp3 NEW
ToneMappingFX-6-Extreme.pp3 NEW
ToneMappingFX-7-Psychedelic.pp3 NEW

Sample :

Left side is neutral image with exposure levels only, right side is with GoldFX Perfect Sunset 10min:




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