Shoot RAW and create stunning pictures

When you have a digital camera capable of shooting RAW, it would be a shame not to use this option.
About the “why”, I could write a book, but I will keep it simple today, although…
Would you buy a race car, only to go shopping ?
Would you buy an airplane, only to ride the tarmac ?
probably/hopefully not, but why buy an expensive camera if you do not use it to full potention ?
Realy, if you only use it for “in camera jpeg’s” , buy a good compact camera – or use your phone.

But I understand, really.
Developing pictures on a computer is in the beginning a little bit scary, it seems difficult, but in fact it isn’t.

Like any skill you need to learn – cycling, driving a car, assembling an IKEA bookcase, … with a bit of effort you will get the hang of it

Just about the best, and also free program for this is RawTherapee, it is available for Windows ( is there anyone still using this ? ) , MacOS / Apple and Linux.
Here the link to the website:
Download the version that is suitable for your computer and start using it.

When using a program like RawTherapee, the final result of a picture is “artistic” like an artist creates a sculpture or a painting, it’s almost artisanal. You create your picture as you see it, and like it. You are the artist. When published in the media, it could go viral… or not.
But even so, it’s your creation.
Always stay on the ground with two feet, but … you can’t fly the airplane – if you only ride the tarmac.

“In camera Jpeg”
“My development in RawTherapee”

Your’s could be better, different…
There’s no limit.

More about developing with RawTherapee in my next post.

All the best for 2020 !

Regards, Marc.

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