Simple Linux RawTherapee Script

On my computer with Xubuntu, RawTherapee didn’t start with ./rawtherapee
that means it is not in the system path,
but its easy enough to start it with the full path,
so : /usr/bin/rawtherapee did the trick.
You can try and see if it works on your computer in a terminal window.
Add something like -h and you will get the command line options :

/usr/bin/rawtherapee -h

Update 25/06/2016
Like indicated by Darek ( scroll down for full comment ),
rawtherapee should start without entering any path,
so just run it by entering :

If you would like to save a text document from it,
open a terminal on desktop and use something like this :
( the text file will be automatically saved on desktop, where you can easily find it )

/usr/bin/rawtherapee -h >rthelp.txt

Save (print) text file from RawTherapee options
The simplest way to run and develop something in RT is :
/usr/bin/rawtherapee -o <output-file-dir> -c <input-file-dir>

or when put in interactive script :


echo “Hello “$USER“.”
echo “type output path :”
read output1
echo “type input path/file :”
read input2

/usr/bin/rawtherapee -o $output1 -c $input2

Open a new document and name it ( or anything else that you like )
copy and past the above script commands into the text file,
save the new file,
then open a terminal window in the same folder as the script,
type : chmod +x ./
( change the name if you had choosen another filename )
The script is now ready to run.

Here is the script in action :

  • top left : the DARKROOM “input” folder with the RAW files and the “” script
  • top right : the RT-Test “output” folder, for the developed jpeg’s
  • botom left : the script running
  • botom right : the script as above in my article

Running Simple Linux Script for RawTherapee




  1. Belive me, it’s much simplier than your struggle 🙂

    Running ./ means in Linux that you want to run command which is placed (binary program) exactly in current directory. Run:
    ls -al
    … and you will see, that there’s no rawtherapee binary at all. And you are right – there’s such program in /usr/bin/rawtherapee. So, simply type:
    (of course if you have regular distribution, not home made one). Why is it working? Because system by default is looking trough few directories trying to find command you provided (/bin, /sbin/, /usr/bin, /usr/sbin, /usr/local/bin, /usr/local/sbin – that’s where binary programs are).

    Any meanwhile, open your system menu, go to Graphics section and there should be rawthreapee – just click (it works if you installed rawtherapee in ‘normal’ way, i mean from repository or PPA).

    • Hello Darek,
      Thanks for the explanation,
      all help for Linux newbies like me is welcome.

      • The pleasure is mine. I glad to see that photographers are able to change workflow and software and learn something new – especially Linux.

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