Update on creating your own portable RawTherapee

In workshop I have an article about creating a portable version of RawTherapee.
The article mentions a software program named Innoextract.
But unfortunately I discovered some problems with it, and it was no longer possible to use it to extract the RT setup file.
Meanwhile I found another solution, namely : Innounp
Because the previous article was no longer up to date with the new extractor,
I made a new video and instructions on how to use it.
If you use one of my pre-configured portable RT kits, you get 3 files to set up your own personal version :
– the latest setup file from RT ( Windows 64 or 32 – look for the correct version )
– the innounp extractor
– a ready to use batch file ( pre-configured code to extract the setup file )
These two last files can be used for later extraction of new RT versions with minor adjustment of the code.

– Download the latest portable RT kit from https://www.digicrea.be/downloads/my-downloads/ 32 and 64 bit available
– Extract the zipped file ( find three files inside )
– Run the batch file
– Rename the {app} folder ( I use the original RT full name )
– If you want, you can copy the {fonts} folder into the new RT folder
– If needed, place the new RT folder in its final destination ( Drive, USB stick …)
– Search for options file inside RT root folder
– Open the options file with Notepad or, preferebly with Notepad++
– Find the string “MultiUser=true” and change to “MultiUser=false”
– Save and Close file
– Run the RT executable ( rawtherapee.exe )
– If you run into an error about a missing profile, then follow next steps :
To solve the “missing profile”, open the preferences menu ( here bottom left )
Go to the “image processing” tab -> click on ” for RAW photos” – automatically the correct value will be entered ( Neutral )
– In any case, close RT and restart -> after first use, RT will re-edit the options file with new parameters for next use.
– Your new Portable Rawtherapee is now ready !

How to re-use the batch file and innounp extractor with other ( later ) versions of RawTherapee :

Ok, to use the kit extractor from Digicrea with another version of RawTherapee,
you only need to change the name of the RT version.
So, these are the steps to follow:
– Download an RT version from the RT website ( http://rawtherapee.com/downloads )
– Unpack it into a folder where you have placed the innounp extractor and the innounp batch file
– Unzip the downloaded RT version in that folder
– Open the innounp batch file with Notepad or Notepad++
– Change the RT version name in the batch file into the new one ( or copy and paste from the unzipped file )
– Save the innounp batch file
– Run it by doubleclick
– Done

If you like to make your own extractor, open Notepad or Notepad++, make a new txt file with the following code :
innounp -v -x (copy/paste or type here the full RT version name – complete with .exe)
Save the file with an appropriate name
Change the extention from .txt to .bat
You can download innounp here : http://innounp.sourceforge.net/
If you like to use Portable Notepad++, download here : http://portableapps.com/apps/development/notepadpp_portable

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