The Ulanzi U-Rig Review

The Ulanzi U-Rig

Why use a Rig if this makes the smartphone bigger and heavier?
The problem lies mainly in the fact that the smartphone is well in the hand for making calls, but is awkward and unstable between the fingers to take photos or videos -> so the U-Rig mainly serves for stability.
This is especially noticeable when making videos, it is also much easier to film from a special angle, such as low to the ground or high above a group of people.

Professionals have also been using U-Rigs, Rigs and Camera Cage’s for much longer in studios and outdoor recordings.
It improves the grip on the device, improves stability, makes it easier to use extra equipment such as micros, flash and video lighting, and is extra protection against drops and stumps, don’t you want to work as a professional either?

Big and heavy?
my Wiko View 2 dimensions are 15.5 cm x 7.5 cm x 0.8 cm and weighs almost 200 grams (about the same as an IPhone 7+)
the U-Rig is 25 cm x 13 cm x 4 cm and weighs 150 grams
Not so heavy and large, and because of the open structure, the U-Rig can also be easily attached to a backpack.
The model I use is the Ulanzi U-Rig Standard (still available here and there, but now replaced by the improved but not more expensive Ulanzi U-Rig Pro)
The benefits of this U-Rig at a glance:

  • improved camera stability
  • makes difficult shooting positions easy, such as macro, video while moving, high above the head in a crowd …
  • shoe mounts to mount additional options such as video lighting
  • there are 1/4 “screw holes for mounting on tripod
  • hold more firmly
  • extra protection during accidental falls

Cons :

  • Obviously, the rig ads volume to the phone, so makes it less pocketable – bulkier.
  • don’t hang the rig with the phone mounted on your backpack, because the phone could slip out
  • the Ulanzi “pro” rig version is a little bit better due to the fact that the mount is spring loaded – holds phone more firmely

Where to find? -> search online for Ulanzi, U-Rig, video rig …
There are different brands and designs available online, but you will also notice that the cost is also very variable.
The aforementioned Ulanzi U-Rig Standard can be found around € 20 to € 25 (only the U-Rig @ Aliexpress, Amazon, Gearbest… )

Ulanzi U-Rig Standard


When I had bought the Ulanzi U-Rig in the online shop, I subsequently received questions from other interested buyers, some questions were rather strange, such as: can I also mount my phone vertically in the U-Rig? …really ?
And also: does my “XYZ extra large” fit in this rig? … how can I know guys?
The intention is therefore that the telephone is mounted horizontally. The maximum dimensions that can be placed in this Ulanzi U-Rig:
Height: 102mm, Length: 220mm, oh and keep in mind that if you want to make use of an accessory lens like the Apexel, it also takes up room.
I think this answers all possible questions

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